Funny Joker

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At Funny Joker, we ensure game level security as a top level priority to maintain trust among players and provide a platform for a fair play. A lot of measures are in place to make sure that players can enjoy fair gaming experience without worrying about any fraudulent behaviour.

Add Cash Security: All add cash transactions are secured with 2048-bit SSL. No credit card/debit card information of player is stored on Funny Joker.

Secure Random Number Generator (RNG): Cards are distributed using a certified Random Number Generator software which cannot be modified or managed at any time by Funny Joker.

We ensures that all players have cards shuffled and dealt fairly by the system without any bias.

No BOTS Policy: Funny Joker does not have any robotic programs (BOTs) on its gaming platform and does not participate in any games. All players are genuine with appropriate level of KYC verification.

Communication protection: All games played on Funny Joker are conducted over a secure communication between the game servers and the devices of the customers (laptop, PC or mobile devices). Also we have dual verification and log protection checks at various levels to prevent data manipulation at both client and server end.

Fraud and Collusion Protection: Funny Joker has deployed multiple fraud protection measures to ensure that our players stay protected from on table collusion frauds.

Seating on our tables is random, and no seat is prefixed for any game. Players, therefore, have no control over selection of players on any table.

Security patches get updated as and when notifications get released by the Vendors.

Funny Joker continuously reviews compliance of its Security measures